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Seeger-Orbis, located in Königstein/Taunus, Germany, is part of Barnes Group Inc.’s Industrial business unit. Barnes Group Inc. is located in Bristol, Connecticut, USA, with approximately 4,500 dedicated employees at more than 60 locations worldwide.

Founded in 1857, Barnes Group Inc. (NYSE:B) is an international industrial and aerospace manufacturer and service provider, serving a wide range of end markets and customers. The highly engineered products, differentiated industrial technologies, and innovative solutions delivered by Barnes Group are used in far-reaching applications that provide transportation, manufacturing, healthcare products, and technology to the world.

As we strive to achieve our vision of becoming a global provider of engineered products and innovative solutions, a new strategic business unit (SBU) called Engineered Components within our Industrial Segment, comprises of:

For decades, SEEGER® rings have been known in the industry for their quality and reliability. Founded in October 1917 by Willi Seeger, our history has run parallel to the development of the automobile. Seeger initially started by selling transportable cylinder drilling machines for locomotives in Frankfurt, Germany, and expanded into other markets from there.

In 1927, the SEEGER® rings was patented by Hugo Heiermann as a cylinder bolt locking device.

By 1941, the industry had standardized the SEEGER® retaining ring for shafts and bores measuring 12 to 300 millimeters in diameter.

In 1944, Seeger began producing rings in Königstein (Johanniswald), Germany.

In 1949, the plant in Königstein-Schneidhain was founded. Additionally, in 1964, a factory in Eichen was added.

In 1954, Kolben-Seeger GmbH & Co. KG was founded in Saarbrücken. That day, three divisions provided sales and service for motors, pneumatics and hydraulics at eight locations. In 1972, Headquarters was established in Eschborn.

Seeger-Orbis became a part of the SKF Corporation in 1970. In 1976, Seeger Reno, Brazil was acquired; In 1983, Anderton, UK joined the group and in 1984, Waldes Truarc, USA was acquired.

In 1995, the Seeger Group became a part of TransTechnology Corporation. TTC also acquired Ellison Holding, UK in 1999.

In 2002, Seeger-Orbis joined Barnes Group Inc.

In 2007, Seeger-Orbis celebrated its 90th anniversary as it continuously upgraded its manufacturing and technological capabilities to meet ever-increasing customer expectations of excellence.

In 2013, Seeger-Orbis started its new operations in Tianjin, China.

The legendary quality of the original ring is still regarded as unique in the field and is now a worldwide standard.