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Congratulations to our Seeger Team on their 100 year Milestone celebration

Posted: 10/09/17

Seeger Employees Celebrate 100 year AnniversaryIn September 2017 - Our Seeger Orbis Team celebrated their 100th Anniversary sharing this momentous occasion with their Customers and Staff from all over the world at the Company Headquarters in Königstein, Germany. Seeger has been part of the Barnes Group family for the last 15 years and to recognize their important contributions, Tom Barnes; Chairman of the Barnes group Inc. Board attended this celebration joining our team & customers in marking this milestone centennial.

Josef Abeling; Managing Director, Seeger-Orbis GmbH added “With a special thank you to all our Seeger customers for their valued business and of course our employees, for the dedication and commitement to the last, and next 100 years!  “With this milestone 100th year event I would like to thank in particular our customers which we are privileged to serve in the past & the present with our products and services.  My thanks also goes to all the staff at Seeger-Orbis present & past for their efforts that made our brand one of the most successful brands in our markets globally.  I also send our gratitude to our Barnes Group Team & our suppliers for their partnership & support over the years to achieve mutual success.  We are excited about the future we are forging together with each of you”

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