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Seeger-Orbis receives award from Shengrui

Posted: 01/15/15

After more than 5 years of joint development work Seeger-Orbis receives the award “Best supplier of Shengrui in 2014” for the supply of 28 different retaining rings, snap rings and washers in the automatic transmission 8AT for "front-transverse" architectures of the Chinese manufacturer "Shengrui".

After the gearbox was first shown to the public in 2012 at the Beijing Auto Show, it was rolled out last year in Shanghai in a Landwind X5 vehicle for the first time. Meanwhile, more customers have shown interest in the transmission and so it will be presented on the auto show in Shanghai in a few weeks in other vehicles.

 Foto For News On Shengrui Award

The extremely small "package" of the transmission lets it easily "fit between the front wheels" besides the transversely mounted engine and clutch. The axial length is therefore an essential feature of this extremely compact 8-speed automatic transmission.

8AT Shengrui Gear Box


The manufacturer has announced variants of the transmission, which will allow hybridization and bring more speeds...

We are delighted to receive this award and about being part of this exciting project.


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