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SEEGER-ORBIS Supports the Formula Student for the Sixth Consecutive Year

Posted: 04/02/15

Formula Student is an international design and construction competition, which is held among students in natural sciences and engineering and becoming increasingly popular year by year.

Formula Student Germany

The idea of getting students to compete with each other in racing cars they themselves have constructed is based on the “Formula SAE” event established by American university professors over 30 years ago. Since 1999, this racing class has also established a presence in Europe with the “Formula Student” divided into two disciplines: “Combustion” (development of race cars with conventional combustion engine) and “Electric” (development of race cars with electric drive train).

This involves giving students autonomous scope to develop and construct a formula racing car, which can then be used to compete in international contests against representatives from other universities. On such occasions, it is not necessarily the fastest car that wins, as a holistic concept must be devised. This may encompass various disciplines, including fields of machine-building and economics, and be assessed by an expert jury from the motor sports and car making fields.

Seeger-Orbis has had a presence in the Formula Student for six years, donating materials in the form of retaining rings and circlips to several teams. At the moment, the teams are midway through producing the current racing cars for the 2015 season and the first roll-outs have already been announced.

Since requirements on the car design increase every year – they have to become smaller, lighter, and safer than in previous years – the teams frequently require support with new parts and components from their sponsors and donors.

We wish all teams the best. The tenth Formula Student promises to be a superb event with more than 120 teams from approximately 25 countries in the world.



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