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The new ERP system can get underway

Posted: 01/03/14

January 3, 2014 - The conversion of the ERP system used by Seeger-Orbis had been overdue since the ERP system used to date had been in operation for years without any release change, which meant neither the system architecture provided or the related hardware could be considered cutting-edge: all adaptions to current market requirements had to be programmed in, in a complex process. Particular effort was made to secure the EDI connection, via which the majority of data is exchanged with our customers – e.g. orders, delivery slip information or invoices.

A good 3 years or more after the initial efforts to seek out a suitable ERP system with system comparisons, bid comparisons, visits to reference customers and considerable customizing, Seeger-Orbis finally reached a verdict on 01.01.2014 and has opted for SAP henceforth.

We can now look back on many months of recording business transactions and organizational structures, key-user training sessions, acquiring and processing old data, compiling and creating formulas and customer delivery schedules as well as a whole series of integration tests, the scope of which included playing out test scenarios and automating part of the data transmission process.

“For us, it was one of the largest projects in our company history, which involved and continues to involve support from many coworkers over and above their normal everyday work“, explains project manager Stephan Lück: “I am really grateful for that.”

Josef Abeling, Managing Director at Seeger-Orbis: “We had no alternative, since installing the new system is the only way we could meet the ERP standards of our regular customers.“

A further customer advantage: For you, we can offer all-new solutions, for example when it comes to conveying shipping and packaging information.

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