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01.01.2021 | Für mehr Klimaschutz: SEEGER-ORBIS bezieht nun 100% Ökostrom

Auch wir möchten einen Beitrag für die Umwelt leisten. Deswegen beziehen wir ab dem 1.1. 2021 zertifizierter Ökostrom, der zu 100% aus regenerativen Energiequellen erzeugt wird.

08/05/19 | CTI Symposium – Dec 2019 – Berlin, Germany

Visit us at the CTI Symposium in Berlin to discover the 3 global brands of Barnes engineered components: Associated SpringSeeger-OrbisHänggi.  Accelerate your success with our DNA of automotive innovations and discover our precision engineered springs, retaining/snap ring, washers, GDI & stamping solutions that are vital to the performance of state of the art vehicles. Inquire about our upcoming exciting Hybrid/EV & System solutions.

03/05/19 | CTI Symposium – Shanghai, China, Sept 2019

Accelerate your automotive innovations with the 3 brands of Barnes engineered components; Associated SpringSeeger-OrbisHänggi at the CTI Symposium China in Shanghai. Discover our precision engineered spring, retaining/snap ring & innovative stamping solutions for state of art Transmissions / Drivelines and inquire about our upcoming exciting Hybrid/EV & System solutions & our global footprint in China, NA & Europe to partner globally.

09/01/18 | Barnes Engineered Components Innovation Ad in Transmission Technology International 2018

Barnes Engineered Components showcase our diverse and synergistic offering through the new Innovation Wheelhouse advert in “Transmission Technology International Magazine”. You would like to know more about technical system solutions, please visit Barnes EC and our four leading brands. Seeger-OrbisAssociated SpringHänggi and Associated Spring Raymond. To view the new magazine and the new advertisement, please click here.

10/09/17 | The SEEGER team celebrates 100th anniversary

Our Seeger Orbis Team celebrated their 100th Anniversary sharing this momentous occasion with their Customers and Staff from all over the world at the Company Headquarters in Königstein, Germany. Seeger has been part of the Barnes Group family for the last 15 years and has made an important contribution, stressed Tom Barnes. The CEO of the Barnes Group Inc. attended this celebration joining our team and customers in marking this milestone centennial.

Josef Abeling, Managing Director, Seeger-Orbis GmbH added: With a special thank you to all our Seeger customers for their valued business and of course our employees, for the dedication and commitment to the last, and next 100 years! "  With this milestone 100th year event I would like to thank in particular our customers which we are privileged to serve in the past and the present with our products and services. My thanks also goes to all the staff at Seeger-Orbis present and past for their efforts that made our brand one of the most successful brands in our markets globally. I would like to express my gratitude to our Barnes Group Team & our suppliers for their partnership and support over the years as part of their commitment to the mutual success. We are excited about the future we are forging together with each of you”