Retaining Rings

Reliable solution for axial securing

Retaining Rings

Opt for the original

Since more than a century, SEEGER is synonymous for high-quality and reliable retaining rings. That’s why many groove rings and circlips are simply referred to today as SEEGER ring.

Not only the quality with which each individual retaining ring is manufactured is outstanding, but also the flexible application possibilities, e.g. the different uses in mechanical engineering.

One solution, many applications

SEEGER rings have become firmly established as a simple but highly effective component for axial securing in a wide range of industries and applications. Especially in the automotive sector and in the energy sector.

Special components for exceptional tasks

SEEGER Orbis' solutions are, however, not limited to standardized retaining rings. We also offer you individual solutions, precisely tailored to your requirements.

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Retaining rings for shafts

SEEGER rings for shafts are usually made of high-quality spring steel, but can also be made of stainless steel or bronze. Depending on the requirements, the retaining rings are also available in different sizes, thicknesses and shapes.

Retaining rings for bores

SEEGER rings for bores are also available in different sizes and designs. The retaining rings, too, are made of high-quality spring steel, but may also be made of other materials.

Retaining rings for bearings

SEEGER rings are designed in such a way that, depending on the shape and size, they can be mounted on a wide variety of bearing types. Guide bearings, fixed bearings and floating bearings can be axially secured simply and reliably, thanks to the retaining rings.