SEEGER Special Components

Individual solutions for exceptional tasks


Solutions for exceptional tasks

New solutions in the field of mechanical engineering are developed almost daily. As a result, the requirements placed on retaining rings for axial securing of components are demanding.

Sometimes the use of a classic ring or a simple washer does not provide enough stability and reliability. For such cases, we offer you a range of special solutions, optimally tailored to your requirements.

And if even that's not enough? We devise a brand new solution in collaboration with you.

We offer more value

Whether vibrations between bearing and housing, imbalances at high speed, or innovative designs for which there are no standard solutions.

We have the right retaining rings for almost every application - and in our design department we also develop individual components as required.

You have further questions?

Then contact us, because our service team has the right answer to almost every question! Let us find out what we can do for you with an individual consultation.

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