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Our range of retaining rings and washers are as versatile and varied as the industries in which they are used.

All market segments and business partners, however, have one thing in common: For many years now most of them have been placing their trust in the consistent quality and high reliability of SEEGER products.

Automotive industry

Many SEEGER solutions are used in the automotive sector in a wide variety of areas. Whether in the internal combustion engine or in the electric power unit, in the suspension or in the axle system, in the drive, transmission, steering system or braking system: SEEGER ensures the best connections.

We do not only rely on standard solutions – we also develop individual solutions for our customers.

Wind power industry

SEEGER-ORBIS is fit for the future, because our retaining rings are evidently also used in many modern industries. For example, in the production of wind turbines for power generation.

Here, our SEEGER rings are found in the main, azimuth and pitch transmissions as well as in the hydraulics, in the generator, in the main shaft and brakes and, of course, in the main bearing –  with a diameter of up to 3,000 mm.

Heavy and special trucks

In addition to the classic automotive industry, SEEGER solutions are of course also used in the production of commercial vehicles and construction machinery. Whether heavy goods vehicles or wheel loaders, semi-trailers or crane systems: SEEGER-ORBIS gets everything moving.

Here, too, our solutions are found in a wide variety of components – from drive shaft to internal combustion engines.

Agricultural machinery

What would we be without our farmers? And what would our farmers be without us? Our SEEGER rings are also used in the production of agricultural machinery such as tractors, harvesting vehicles, combine harvesters or mobile irrigation systems.

Of course, all other machines and devices that have drive shafts and other technical components are also equipped with SEEGER components.

Transport and hoisting technology

With SEEGER-ORBIS, customers stay on the move, especially when it comes to transport and hoisting technology. Whether compact trucks or pick and carry cranes, lift masts or telescopic trucks: Solutions from SEEGER-ORBIS can be found in many hoisting and transport tools.

Not only in today's mostly electric drives, but also in hydraulic components.



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