Individual design

Tailored top reliability

Individual design

Individual designs for exceptional tasks

Whether it is a retaining ring or a snap ring, a grip ring or a circular self-locking ring, a shim or a support washer: Of course, all our products and solutions can also be customized and perfectly adapted to your requirements.

Additional bores or special shapes and dimensions are available on request, as well as the use of special materials, individually designed for your application and tailored to your specific requirements.

Solutions for every application

High speeds, extreme temperatures, adverse environmental conditions or unusual designs: There are many projects where standard retaining solutions don’t meet the requirements.

We offer the perfect solution in every situation.

Solutions with exceptional design

Whether tapered ends, additional bores or oval shape: We make almost anything possible.

We make sure that you will get the special ring that fits your requirements.

Solutions with special dimensions

Do you need retaining rings or washers with special dimensions? Needless to say, the sizes and strengths of our fasteners are also freely selectable up to the limits of what is technically feasible from small to large – exactly as you need it for your new application.

With SEEGER, you can always be sure of getting the right solution.

Solutions from special materials

Sometimes it is necessary to make snap rings or washers from a material with special properties, for example, when there is an increased risk of corrosion or when special guidelines have to be met.

We also manufacture a variety of our special parts from materials such as stainless steel - so that you are prepared for every application.


We accompany your project

We are here to help you from the start: Get our engineers and other experts on board as soon as possible to develop new products so that they can design optimum solutions together with you during the first project phases.

Feel free to contact us!